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Two guest speakers at the Directors' Forum conference
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For the past 40 years, the Directors' Forum Co-operative (DFC) has recognized, promoted, and supported the unique role of Board Directors through the provision of education, professional development and networking opportunities. 


Our programming includes a Virtual Governance Series and an Annual (hybrid) Conference, where guest speakers from within and outside of the system are invited to share their knowledge and expertise on topics of relevance to directors. We also recognize long-serving directors, and offer bursaries for young directors to attend the conference free-of -charge. 


Since 2022, the DFC expanded beyond the credit union system to include directors from mutuals and non-financial co-operatives. We also began inviting directors to become individual members of the co-operative; for a one-time, lifetime membership fee of $2, individuals can join the co-op!

Programs, Awards & Bursaries
Programs, Awards & Bursaries

Our programming throughout the year includes a series of Virtual sessions on various governance topics as well as a session designed specifically for Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs, and an Annual (hybrid) Conference, which also incorporates a half-day Continuing Education credit session through CUDA®. This half-day CUDA session can be used as an elective in Level C of the CUDA program. The Annual Conference is pre-qualified for four CE credits per day of attendance for CUDA Graduates and those who are accredited. We also recognize long-serving directors, and provide bursaries for directors under 40 to attend the conference. Learn more about all of these by clicking the buttons below! 

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Sponsoring the Directors' Forum annual programming is a unique opportunity to support and invest in strengthening the governance skills and practices of credit union, caisse populaire, mutual, and co-operative Directors across Canada.

Please click on the appropriate sponsorship proposal below to see how you can support the 2024 Conference and Virtual Governance Series!

As a long serving director, I find good value in every Directors’ Forum I attend; I’ve done both virtual and in-person events. Virtual is an excellent option for those who can’t attend in person, but the latter is more satisfying because of the interaction with directors and CEOs from other organizations. I attended the Annual General Meeting at the end of March this year and I’m glad I did. The subject matter of the various presentations was interesting, thought-provoking, and touched on numerous topics with good advice to offer.

Paul Harris, Director, Mainstreet Credit Union

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